We build projects that we believe in with people that we trust.


What we do

We create and incubate digital projects providing partnership opportunities and support services to entrepreneurs and companies globally.

We specialize in building and managing Startups from incubation to growth and expansion. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the digital industry with a positive track record in high-end projects involving industries as media and advertising, affiliation networks, marketplaces, retail and e-commerce, edtech platforms, luxury and hospitality solutions. Through the STARTUP Venture Builder we share our knowledge with partners, companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for the ideal opportunity to bring their ideas to the world.

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Our team

Serial entrepreneur, Programmer, CTO in love with disruptive innovations. More than 20 years of experience building several STARTUPS, media companies and Adtech players. Focused always on technology, research, software development, high-scale and global business models.
//Buscapé/ 1999 - 2006 / Senior JAVA developer
//HOTWords/ 2006 - 2016 / Co-founder and CTO
//Media Response Group/ 2009 - 2016 / Partner and CTO
//Red Bull Shop Brazil/ 2017 - 2018 / Head of technology
//Startup Venture Builder/ 2019 / Co-founder and CTO

Startup specialist
Agile / SCRUM Project management
Research and analysis
High-scale business model
Disruptive technologies
Software development
Web development
Java specialist
Servers set up
Social media APIs
Analytics expert
A highly versatile and pro-active business professional with a real entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building start-up businesses.
Able to analyse business challenges and get to the root of an issue before implementing effective strategic and pragmatic solutions. An astute problem solver and multi-tasker, with demonstrable experience of leading teams and all aspects of business operations, from sales and marketing to business strategy and operational management.
//8 Northumberland, Event Venue/ 2009 - 2013 / Assistant general manager
//110 Rochester Row, Event Venue/ 2013 - 2019 / Sales and marketing manager
//Wizme/ 2019 / Venue experience manager        
//Startup Venture Builder/ 2019 / Co-founder and CSO

Business strategy
Business planning
Business management
Consulting Startup specialist
Marketing strategy
Budget management
Market research
Brand management
Sales cycle management
Account management
Accounting Digital marketing
Marketing communications
Performance marketing
Change management
Operations management
Business process improvement
Business process modelling
Seasoned entrepreneur, CCO, advertiser and designer. 18 years of experience building and working with several STARTUPS, publishers, agencies, brands, media companies and Adtech players. Focused on product ideation, research, design, creative brainstorm and high-scale business models, generating simple, clean and sophisticated assets to achieve product, business, communication and marketing goals.
//The Whitecat/ 2001 - 2005 / Co-founder and senior art director
//HOTWords/ 2006 - 2016 / Co-founder and CEO
//Media Response Group/ 2009 - 2016 / CEO and global CIO
//Red Bull Shop Brazil/ 2017 - 2018 /  Head of design and Advertising
//Startup Venture Builder/ 2019 / Co-founder and CCO

Startup to corporate specialist
Research and analysis
Marketing and strategy
Ominichannel media strategic planner
Team building and management
Agile Project management
Brand ID UX / UI
Mock ups and Wireframes
Presentations and deck’s
Adobe suite
Saas platforms
Search Ads
Programmatic Ads
Social Ads
Influencer marketing
Content marketing
Affiliation marketing

Current Portfolio

"Your CV made by a headhunter."
CVPRAVC specialises in improving CVs for professionals who seek progression in their careers. In addition to the CV writing, translation to other languages CVPRAVC can also build and maximise the ideal LinkedIn profile.

The company has been operating profitably for more than 18 months and is now undergoing a structure review for growth in the Brazilian market.

Agenda Wallet / UK
"The part-time job marketplace."
Agenda Wallet is a solutions platform in the trust economy market, focused on generating benefits for final users, companies and workers on demand. With web application and apps for gig workers and final users, the company seeks to organise and anticipate the strategic gaps of the industry.


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Professional check over the key areas
/ Research, analysis and recommendation.
Professional services
/ Deep analysis, solution and documentation.
Tailor-made lean project
/ From the Idea validation to MVP (minimum viable product) + POC (prove of concept).
Tailor-made growth project
/ From Alpha product to OKRs management.
Board member for innovation advice
/ Monthly participation at companies board.
Full startup partnership
/ End-to-end project solution regarding the startup journey.
2017 - 2018

In 2017 Red Bull Shop Brazil was looking for a partner to create and launch its e-commerce in Brazil.

With a solid business plan, we have built a lean and effective solution for them to achieve their main goals.

/ To have a stable and scalable solution like an e-commerce platform.

/ To follow and apply the official Red Bull brand ID.

/ To create, integrate and manage the store e-mail marketing project.

/ Media and advertising services, including planning, creative assets design, operations and management. Considering search ads, social media ads, data-driven programmatic retargeting and e-mail marketing.

/ To set up ERP and CRM integrations.

2006 - 2013

/ Co-founded and bootstrapped by Gustavo Morale and Marco Aurélio Santos in 2006, HOTWords was one of the first professional Ad networks for display and rich-media campaigns in Latin America and Europe. HOTWordswas recognized as a massive and effective media company for publishers and advertisers.

/ Reaching 400% of revenue growth per quarterwas an invitation to take the company forother markets, so in 2007 HOTWords wasreleased in Mexico and Argentina.

/ In 2009 the company was bought by the Spanish company Canal Mail that was already owned by venture capitalists from VSS.com .

/ The company was taken to 9 countries delivering professional advertisement campaigns for top performance agencies and clients.

/ In 2011 the company reached 93% of Brazilian internet users coverage.

/ 2013 HOTWords was 100% integrated with Media Response Group brands and activities.

/ Continuous development of media products, Ad formats including in-text ads, rich media ads, video ads, mobile ads, banner display campaigns for publishers and advertisers.

2009 - 2016

/ Media Response Group was a cross channel digital advertising company focusing in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and offering digital advertising solutions to Fortune 500 brands across key marketing channels -- display, video, email, programmatic buying and mobile -- on all devices from different technology platforms. Giving advertisers and publishers a one-stop shop for all their digital advertising needs.

/ Media Response operated in Spain, Portugal, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

/ In 2012, Media Response audience reach was about 120 million internet users per month(COMSCORE AUDITED).

/ First programmatic and data-driven provider for high-scale campaigns in Brazil for Unilever, Toyota, Bayer among other great brands.

/ The company was sold to “iO2 Media” and its brands were replaced in 2018.

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